Monsta X Members

Monsta X Members: Age, Height, Weight, Birthdays, and Facts

Who are Monsta X members? We have answered the most searched questions about Monsta X for you.

Monsta X is a six-member K-pop boy group formed by Starship Entertainment through the survival show No.Mercy. The group debuted on May 14, 2015, initially with seven members. Wonho left the group in October 2019.

“Monsta X” has two different meanings. One meaning is “monsters that have conquered the K-pop scene,” and the other meaning is “My Star.”

Monts X’s fandom is Monbebe. Monebe means “my baby” in French. “Mon” means “my,” and “bebe” means “baby.”

Monsta X Members
Monsta X Members

Monsta X Members



Name: Shownu
Birth Name: Son Hyun Woo
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: June 18, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @shownuayo

Shownu was born and raised in Uijeongbu City. Coming from a family consisting of his mother and father, he grew up as an only child. At the age of 17, he successfully passed the JYP Open Audition and commenced his training at JYP Entertainment. For his audition at JYP, he performed Rain’s “Rainism” and secured first place. Interestingly, he nearly debuted in the same group as JB and Jinyoung from GOT7.

Known for his long arms measuring 75 cm, Shownu tends to be reserved in talk shows. However, in a radio show, the MONSTA X members chose him as the member who can’t lie. Identified as an ISFJ according to the MBTI personality test, he admires Chris Brown as his favorite musician and role model, and he’s also a fan of the dancer and choreographer Lyle Beniga.

Apart from his talents, Shownu has a penchant for coffee and claims he can dance to all of Rain’s songs. He wears glasses off-stage and is known for sweating profusely. Surprisingly, he’s skilled at doing his makeup and has mentioned having numbness in his scalp. His favorite hero is Sun Wukong, and he raised a kitten during his middle school years.

In his leisure time, he enjoys wakeboarding and has particular preferences for perfumes, favoring Ferrari Black and Tom Ford Santal Black. Shownu always expresses his respect for his father, highlighting him as a figure of admiration. In July 2020, he underwent eye surgery due to a left retinal detachment


Monsta X Minhyuk

Name: Minhyuk
Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk
Position: Sub-Singer, Visual
Birthday: November 3, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @go5rae

Minhyuk was born in Seoul. Unofficially recognized as the “visual member” of MONSTA X, he is distinctive for having asymmetrical eyes, with his right eye being monolid while his left eye has a double eyelid. Known for their playful nature, both Minhyuk and Joohoney are regarded as the liveliest members of the group.

Preferring the comforts of home, Minhyuk is a homebody. According to the MBTI personality test, he is categorized as an ENFJ. Among his hobbies are drawing, calligraphy, gaming, and bowling. Pizza is his favorite food, and he frequently searches for MONSTA X on search engines to keep up with the latest news about the group.

Skilled at taking selfies and displaying a fondness for babies, Minhyuk is a fan of the senior group CLICK B and a staunch supporter of Bigbang and Xia Junsu from JYJ. However, he has a strong dislike for cucumbers and avoids wearing revealing outfits. He humorously confessed to occasionally borrowing items from other members, such as Kihyun’s electric razor.

In 2016, Minhyuk dyed his hair black for the first time since MONSTA X’s debut. He struggles with poor eyesight, with a prescription of minus 5 and 4 for each eye. Fluent in the Jeolla dialect, he is notably the weakest member of MONSTA X when it comes to arm wrestling. During his training days, he spent time alongside Kim Jaehwan from Wanna One.

Known by various nicknames such as Minyeoku, MinMungie, Puppy, KeywordKing, Lovely, Princess, and Maltese, Minhyuk remains a beloved and dynamic member of MONSTA X.



Name: Kihyun
Birth Name: Yoo Ki-hyun
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: November 22, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @yookihhh

Kihyun was born in Goyang City. As a Christian, he is affiliated with the Munhwa Ryu clan. Renowned as the main vocalist of MONSTA X, Kihyun’s musical prowess was evident even before his debut, as he collaborated with the main rapper Joohoney on a song called “The Stinging Woman.”

Possessing exceptional skills and delivering stable live vocals, Kihyun’s journey to stardom began when his vocal coach persuaded him to audition. Before his debut, he worked part-time at a noodle restaurant. Fans often liken him to a hamster and appreciate the endearing Indian dimple on his left cheek. Sharing Minhyuk’s inclination for indoor activities, Kihyun is also a homebody.

According to the MBTI personality test, Kihyun is classified as an ESFP. He has a penchant for roast chicken and cites Michael Jackson as his idol. Known for his affinity for animals, particularly puppies, even Joohoney’s puppy listens better to Kihyun. Despite not favoring strongly scented foods like seafood (although he enjoys sushi), Kihyun excels in fan service and expressed a desire to participate as a guest on Running Man in a magazine interview.

During the WE ARE HERE World Tour in 2019, Kihyun sustained an injury in the USA. He vowed never to dye his hair pink again and has lent his vocals to numerous OSTs for dramas such as “She Was Pretty,” “Suspicious Partner,” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.”

Proficient in playing the piano and guitar, Kihyun enjoys hobbies such as photography, cooking, and watching movies. Among his various nicknames are Kyun, Gwihyonie, Hamjji, Yoo Chicken, The NinetyThree(s), K-Pop God, and Yoo Choco.


Monsta x Hyungwon

Name: Hyungwon
Birth Name: Chae Hyung Won
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub-Singer, Sub-Rapper, Visual, Center
Birthday: January 15, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @coenffl

Hyungwon was born in Gwangsan. In MONSTA X, he serves as the sub-singer and lead dancer, with fellow members often referring to him as one of the “visual members.” Renowned for his love of sleep, Hyungwon has a laid-back and conservative personality.

Identified as an INFP according to the MBTI personality test, his hobbies include DJing, modeling, gaming (especially PUBG), writing poetry, and acting. He has a diverse palate, enjoying dishes like seasoned ribs, grilled jumbo shrimp, potato chips, nachos, and corn chips, with Sikhye being his beverage of choice.

Unlike some of his peers, Hyungwon prefers modest attire and has also showcased his versatility as a special MC for various music shows such as ‘Music Bank’, ‘Show Champion’, ‘The Show’, ‘Music Core’, and ‘MCountdown’. He considers his lips and eyebrows as his charming features but admits to being physically weak, having never won an arm wrestling match.

Despite his strengths, Hyungwon often finds himself on the receiving end of teasing from Minhyuk and Kihyun. Not one to appreciate being called “cute,” Hyungwon remains humble and down-to-earth, endearing himself to fans with his genuine personality.



Name: Joohoney
Birth Name: Lee Joo-heon
Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Singer
Birthday: October 6, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @joohoneywalker

Joohoney was born in Daegu and he has a younger brother born in 2001. Within MONSTA X, Joohoney shines as the main rapper, showcasing his talent and skill.

Even before his debut, Joohoney displayed his prowess in the MONSTA X variety show ‘NO.MERCY’, consistently securing the top spot. Before his debut, he collaborated on the single ‘Coach Me’ with SanE and Hyorin. Despite his current charismatic persona, Joohoney was once a shy and reserved student.

His journey in music includes participation in ‘Show Me The Money Season 4’ and a memorable performance on “King of Masked Singer” in 2020, where he showcased his singing talent. Recently, he demonstrated his songwriting abilities by composing ‘Jumper’ for CRAVITY.

Known for his dimples and despite his robust stature, Joohoney is known to be quite fearful, often shedding tears easily. His fellow MONSTA X members note his quick temper, fitting with his personality type as an ENFP according to MBTI.

Among his hobbies are playing the drums and piano. He indulges in American iced coffee and favors dumplings as his go-to meal. His family pet, Sanche, tends to listen better to Kihyun than to Joohoney himself. Skilled in English, Joohoney is often likened to Zico, though he dislikes being labeled as a Zico wannabe. He also believes he shares similarities with Shownu.

Having spent seven years in training under Starship Entertainment, Joohoney underwent name changes, previously known as Lee Jihwan and Lee Hojun. He has earned the nickname “Spoiler King” within MONSTA X for his tendencies to accidentally reveal details.


I.M Monsta X

Name: I.M
Birth Name: Im Chang Kyun
Position: Lead Rapper, Sub-Singer, Maknae
Birthday: January 26, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @imnameim

I.M was born in Gwangsan City, Gwangju. He has an older brother.

I.M is the youngest member of Monsta X. According to his MBTI, I.M identifies as an ISFP. His fluency in English stems from living in Boston for three years during his youth. Sharing a room with Minhyuk, he enjoys incorporating rhymes into his English rap verses and occasionally adopts a British accent for flair.

Renowned for his competitive spirit, I.M gained the nickname “Robin I.M” after impressively shooting an arrow into the camera lens during the “2016 Idol Star Athletic Championship.” His favorite book is “Ordinary Existence” by Lee Seokwon, and he prefers watching movies over playing games.

Despite his tough exterior, I.M is ticklish and has earned various nicknames such as I.M jjang, Daniel, Danny, Kitten, and JjangKyun. Notably, he is left-handed. Before concluding, don’t forget to check out the most popular music videos of the beloved K-pop group MONSTA X.

The most searched questions about Monsta X

1. Who in Monsta X has a tattoo?

Minhuyk and I.M. have tattoos. Minhuyk has a tattoo on his back and I.M has two tattoos-one on his back and one on his wrist.

2. Who in Monyta X can speak English?

All members of Monsta X can speak English.

3. Who in Monsta X can drive?

Except for Minhyuk, all Monsta X members can drive. Minhyuk prefers Uber.

4. Is Monsta X a K-pop group?

Yes, Monsta X is a K-pop group.

5. Is Monsta X popular in Korea?

Yes, Monsta X is very popular in Korea. According to

6. How tall is Monsta X Hyungwon?

Hyungwon is 6 feet (1,82) tall.

7. How did Monsta X get their name?

The founding company, Starship Entertainment gave the name Mosta X to the group.

8. Who is the choreographer of Monsta X?

Shownu is the choreographer of Monsta X.

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Source of the answers: WIRED

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