NCT Taeyong Releases Trailer

NCT Taeyong Releases Trailer For the Second Mini-Album, TAP

NCT’s Taeyong released a trailer for the second mini-album, “TAP. The trailer, named “Searching for TY,” dropped today (February 15, 2024) at midnight on the NCT YouTube channel. It’s a video that previews the overall theme of Taeyong’s second mini-album, “TAP” and introduces a new aspect of himself as he steps into the spotlight as a solo artist.

At the beginning of the video, we see Taeyong locked in his room, sitting on a couch. With only finding TY on his mind and the walls of his room torn from newspapers with the headlines “Who is TY?” and “Where is TY?“, Toayeng begins to work like a detective and sets off in search of TY.

A surprise awaits Taeyong as he continues his search outside his room, on the streets: just as Taeyong is looking for TY, there are men and women in black suits looking for Tayeong. Some parts of the trailer are reminiscent of the movie “The Matrix.”.

The music video, which looks like a movie, ends with Taeyong finding a light in the form of a human figure whose face and body are invisible. Who is TY?

Taeyong - Searching for TY
Image source: Official music video

The second mini-album, “TAP,” includes a total of 6 songs of various genres, including the eponymous title track..” Taeyong not only writes the lyrics for all songs but is also involved in the composition of all songs, presenting his honest and diverse self. The album is gaining a lot of attention for containing a spectrum of colors.

Meanwhile, NCT Taeyong’s second mini-album, “TAP,” will be released on various music sites on February 26 at 6:00 PM and will also be released as a physical album on the same day.

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