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NCT WISH Members: Names, Age, Height, Facts and Debut

On February 19, 2024, SM Entertainment announced NTC’s latest sub-unit, NTC WISH. NCT WISH members will make their debut at the Tokyo Dome on February 21, 2024.

SM Entertainment, which dominates the K-pop world, announced NCT in April 2016. The fifth NCT sub-unit after “NCT 127,”  “NCT U,”  “NCT Dream,” and “WayV”, will meet their fans and introduce their debut song “WISH” at the SMTOWN LIVE 2024 SMCU PALACE @TOKYO in Tokyo, Japan.

NCT WISH members: names, age, height, nationality and debut

The members of NCT WISH are Shakuya, Riku, Jaehee, Ryo, Shion, and Yushi. Ryo, Shakuya, Riku, and Yushi are Japanese, while Jaehee and Shion are Korean.


Ryo was born in Japan in 2007. He is a singer and a dancer.

Ryo had his first performance with Sakuya on NCT DREAM’s “Chewing Gum.”. According to SM Entertainment, Ryo is expected to play a crucial role in NCT WISH’s success in the future. Despite being a trainee for just one year, Ryo has swiftly made an impact in the world of K-pop.


Shakuya was born in Japan, in 2007. He is 17 years old (2024).

Shakuya’s journey with NCT WISH has been marked by standout performances that showcase not only vocal prowess but also a magnetic stage presence. Notably, their collaboration with Ryo on NCT DREAM’s “Chewing Gum” left an indelible mark, establishing Shakuya as an artist with the ability to captivate audiences with their refreshing and lively charm.

One of the defining moments in Shakuya’s career came during the last mission of “NCT Universe: LASTART.” Performing NCT U’s “90’s Love” flawlessly, Shakuya earned praise not only for their solid skills in singing and performing but also for delivering a rendition that felt uniquely their own. BoA herself commended Shakuya’s stage manners and energy, remarking that the performance resonated with Shakuya’s style.

NCT WISH members Ryo and Shakuya
Ryo (left) and Shakuya (right). Image source: SM Entertainment’s official website


In K-pop, each idol brings a unique sparkle to the constellation. Riku from NCT WISH has carved a special place within the group with his talent, charisma, and magnetic stage presence.

Riku was born in 2003 in Japan. He was the first to be selected from the first mission of the reality show “NCT Universe: LASTART.”. He is a talented rapper and dancer. Among the standout moments that have etched Riku into the hearts of fans is their participation in key performances. Whether it’s the energetic stages alongside other NCT WISH members or solo moments that showcase Riku’s versatility, each performance is a testament to their commitment to excellence.


Jaehee is 19 years old. He was born in Korea. Although he joined the reality show in the middle, he has left his mark with his powerful voice.

Jaehee is not only a good singer but also a sensitive and respectful person. He has shown this by bowing to their superiors at a 90-degree angle when giving advice or praise. He is known for taking good care of the NCT WISH members and motivating the group with his positive charisma.

Riku (left) and Jaehee (right)
Riku (left) and Jaehee (right). Image source: SM Entertainment’s official website


Shion is the oldest member of NCT WISH. He was born in Mokpo, South Korea, in 2002.

Shion embarked on his K-pop journey as a trainee at SM Entertainment, dedicating four years to honing his skills and preparing for the stage. His commitment and perseverance during this period laid the foundation for the vibrant performers we now see in NCT WISH.

As a core member of NCT WISH, Shion plays a pivotal role in crafting and executing choreography that is not only technically impressive but also emotionally resonant. The precision, synchronization, and fluidity in Shion’s movements contribute to the overall dynamism that defines the group’s performances. Each step is a brushstroke, adding to the visual masterpiece that is NCT WISH’s stage presence.

Shion can speak Korean and is learning Japanese and English. This commitment showcases not only his dedication to his craft but also his genuine appreciation for international fans, emphasizing the importance of fostering a deeper connection through shared communication.


Yushi is from Japan and was born in 2004. His musical journey took a significant turn when he was introduced as a future NCT WISH member on June 28, 2023. Before this exciting announcement, he showcased his vocal prowess as a former member of EDAMAME BEANS, holding the vocal position within the group.

Yushi said in an interview that Kai from EXO serves as his role model. After witnessing EXO’s captivating dance performances, he decided to begin a music and entertainment career. If not for his journey into the world of singing, Yushi admits that he would have pursued a career as a soccer player, showcasing the depth of his passion for the sport.

Yushi describes his personality as a blend of calm and naughty, showcasing a delightful contrast that adds layers to his character. This dynamic combination promises to bring a charming and multifaceted presence to the world of NCT.

NCT WISH members
Shion (left) and Yuushi (right). Image source: SM Entertainment’s official website

Together, Shakuya, Riku, Jaehee, Ryo, Shion, and Yuushi form a harmonious trio within NCT WISH, each member contributing their unique talents to create a synergy that defines the group’s identity. The diversity in their skills and personas not only enriches the group’s performances but also resonates with a wide spectrum of fans who connect with different facets of the K-pop experience.

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