The most toxic K-pop fandoms in 2024

The most annoying K-pop fandoms in 2024

When we examine the development of K-pop in recent years, we see that a large fan base feels that many K-pop fandoms are becoming increasingly toxic. Competition between groups is increasing, and this competition is negatively affecting not only K-pop groups but also their fans. So what are the most annoying K-pop fandoms in 2024?

The most toxic K-pop fandoms in 2024

Of course, there are toxic K-pop fans in every fandom. However, some K-pop groups and their fans have a rivalry that has been going on for years. This rivalry is something that fans who follow the K-pop world closely are aware of, and it has negatively affected the reputation of the K-pop genre around the world. These conflicts and fights raise a question: Is K-pop culture toxic?

K-pop idols often undergo long hours of intense training from a young age. This can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. These issues are sometimes so serious that some artists have reported physical and mental health problems due to their busy lifestyles. On top of the exhausting effect of this training on the idols, the fact that they have to conform to beauty standards can lead to body image issues and self-esteem problems. This can lead to stress-induced intolerance in K-pop idols.

In these cases, a large proportion of fans are supportive, but a large number of people have become toxic fans because of their admiration for their idols, their age, and their lack of life experience. Unfortunately, these toxic behaviors are on the rise in the K-pop world.

The largest K-pop Facebook group has voted

We launched a poll on Facebook to find the most toxic K-pop fandoms in 2024, and we want to share the results of this poll with you. Here are the 10 most toxic K-pop fandoms in 2024:


First on our list is BLINK. Many K-pop fans think that BLINKs are the source of fan wars and say their endless jealousy towards other groups is the reason for the toxic fan wars. In the last few years, the toxic behavior of the BLINKs has gotten out of control and become dangerous.

For example, some K-pop fans talk about BLINKS attacking TWICE. They attribute this to the fact that before BLACKPINK came along, TWICE dominated the girl group category everywhere.

Another fan talks about the attacks and bullying of Chaeyoung for “imitating” Lisa with her orange hair.

K-pop fans feel that BLINK’s passionate hatred and jealousy for BTS are becoming dangerous, and they think BLINK is taking the competition thing too far.

BLINK is the most toxic fandom in 2024.

most toxic K-pop fandoms in 2024
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Those who participated in our poll put ARMY second on our list of the most toxic K-pop fandoms in 2024.

Many fans think that the ARMY has many childish and toxic members. Not only fans of other fandoms claim this, but also fans of BTS.

One BTS fan writes:

“After these people joined the fandom, people started to generalize ARMYs as “toxic” and “annoying.”. Generalizing a fandom as toxic requires that many fans exhibit this behavior. ARMYs became one of the most toxic fandoms after 2019. While not everyone is toxic, unfortunately, most of them are.

He adds:

“And because of their immature and childish behavior, I feel kind of distanced from BTS. I wish things could go back to the way they were because not only are other fandoms getting tired of this toxic attitude, but BTS might be too. I mean, come on, we all saw what happened after Taehyung interacted with Olivia Rodrigo. The poor girl got a lot of hate for nothing. Those toxic stans even went so far as to send her death threats. And that’s what happened to Jennie when Taehyung accidentally followed her on Instagram. It wasn’t Jennie’s fault, but she was the one who got hate. And this wasn’t the only time ARMYs overreacted.”

BTS Army
BTS Army

3. STAY (Stray Kid)

STAYs has been involved in fan wars, where they engage in online conflicts with fans of other groups. These fan wars can escalate quickly and create a negative atmosphere within the K-pop community.

One example is the incident involving a Twitter campaign targeting the Korean girl group ITZY and its members. STAYs were accused of engaging in a coordinated effort to spread negative comments about ITZY during an award show voting period.

In this particular case, some STAYs allegedly used the hashtag #JusticeForStrayKids to criticize ITZY’s success and accuse the group of unfair advantages in award nominations. The campaign sparked a wave of negativity towards ITZY and their fandom (Midzy). Critics argued that the campaign was unnecessary and only fueled fan wars between Stays and Midzys.


ONCE has faced backlash for engaging in fan wars and spreading negativity towards other girl groups. The fandom has been criticized for being overly protective of TWICE members, leading to confrontations with other fanbases.

One example involves fan wars and online conflicts. ONCE has been involved in disputes with fans of other girl groups, particularly during award seasons or when groups are competing for various accolades. These disputes can escalate quickly on social media platforms, with fans exchanging negative comments, spreading rumors, or engaging in cyberbullying.

Additionally, there have been instances of possessive behavior by some ONCE members towards TWICE members, especially regarding their personal lives. Fans expressing discontent or anger when their favorite idols are involved in romantic relationships or criticizing perceived slights can contribute to a toxic atmosphere.


DIVE is the next toxic K-pop fandom on our list. Many fans think that DIVE will be one of the most toxic fandoms in 2024.

One fan writes:

“Especially the Wony Lovers hated the Itzy and Aespa members a lot. Karina and Yuna are especially affected by this. The most toxic people in this fandom are the Wonyoung Lovers.”

6. NCTzen (NCT)

NCTzens have faced criticism for their involvement in fan wars and aggressive behavior towards other fandoms. The sheer size and diversity of NCT’s lineup have sometimes led to internal conflicts within the fandom.

One example involving NCTzen, the fandom of NCT, was a series of incidents related to internal fandom conflicts. Due to the unique structure of NCT, which includes multiple subunits with different members, some fans engaged in debates and disagreements regarding which subunit or member deserved more attention or support. These internal conflicts led to tension within the fandom and occasionally spilled over into online spaces, creating a negative atmosphere.

7. Ahgase (GOT7)

We have witnessed some of the Ahgeses often losing control, making threats, hurling insults, and behaving in a demeaning manner.

It must be remembered that this is not the case for all Ahgases.


As with any K-pop group, ENHYPEN has a lot of selfish and toxic members.

When you read the comments that some ENGENEs post on social media, you see how toxic K-pop has become. Insults, threats, body shaming, and many other unacceptable behaviors can be seen in this fandom.

Unfortunately, ENGENEs are also in the top ten of our list of the most toxic K-pop fandoms in 2024.

9. Midzy (ITZY)

The name “Midzy” was chosen through a fan vote. It is derived from the Korean word “미드지” (midji), meaning “to trust.” The name reflects the trust and connection between ITZY and its fans.

Midzys have been criticized for engaging in fan wars and spreading negativity towards other girl groups. The fandom has faced accusations of promoting an overly competitive atmosphere.

The actions of a few individuals do not represent the entire Midzy fandom or their collective behavior.


Like any large and passionate fandom, there have been instances where some ATINYs, the fandom of ATEEZ, have been involved in controversies or exhibited behaviors perceived as negative.

One example involved an incident on social media where ATINYs were accused of engaging in fan wars and spreading false information about a rival group. The disagreement escalated into a series of heated exchanges, with fans from both sides expressing negative sentiments and engaging in online arguments.

It’s crucial to note that these incidents involve a small subset of fans and are not representative of the entire ATINY fandom. The majority of ATINYs, like fans from other fandoms, are supportive, respectful, and focused on enjoying ATEEZ’s music and content.


It’s important to emphasize that these examples involve a minority of fans within each fandom. Most fans are supportive and respectful and enjoy K-pop without engaging in toxic behavior. Generalizations about entire fandoms should be avoided to foster understanding and promote positive interactions within the K-pop community.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Which K-pop fandoms are the most toxic for you? Let us know in the comments.


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