Is Lisa leaving BLACKPINK in 2023

Is Lisa leaving BLACKPINK in 2024? Fans and investors are worried

BLACKPINK, founded by YG Entertainment, debuted in 2016. The group, which entered the K-Pop world with great speed, soon took its place among the most successful K-Pop groups with its projects. But these days, there is turmoil within the K-Pop group. Fans are worried about BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Is Lisa leaving BLACKPINK in 2024?

It was not easy to form the K-Pop group BLACKPINK. YG Entertainment wanted to have the right members for its project. The redemption came with Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose. They had applied individually. One casting was not enough for YG Entertainment. Every month, there were castings in which they always managed to convince YG Entertainment. They were the best and fit well together. That’s how Blackpink was born.

So why does Lisa want to leave BLACKPINK when everything is going so well? Could the deals with YG Entertainment be the reason?

Is Lisa leaving BLACKPINK in 2023?

Is Lisa leaving BLACKPINK in 2024?

The reason why Lisa could leave BLACKPINK in 2023 is the agreement between her and YG Entertainment.

K-pop groups usually have contracts for 7 years. Since BLACKPINK was released in 2016, its contract will end in August 2023. The band members and the record label need to reach an agreement by this date.

The South Korean media outlet Munhwa Ilbo published a report. According to this report, there is a big difference between YG Entertainment’s offer and Lisa Manobal’s expectations. However, there is also information that the agreements have not been stopped and are continuing with all members.

Do BLINKS have to worry about Lisa’s and BLACKPINK’s future?

According to information from powerful sources in the K-Pop world, Lisa will not leave BLACKPINK in 2023. An agreement is expected to be reached between the music company and its members shortly. We hope that BLACKPINK fans will soon receive good news that will make them happy.

It would be really sad if such a successful project collapsed because of some numbers.

Not only fans but also K-pop investors are worried

The disagreements between BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment have not only affected the fans but also the K-Pop stocks that have taken their place in the stock market world in recent years. According to CNBC, there has been a 7% drop in shares of K-pop management agency YG Entertainment due to uncertainty over the contracts of BLACKPINK members.

We will see how future news will affect the stocks.

Blackpink's Lisa sexy dance
Blackpink’s Lisa sexy dance

Lisa didn’t start her K-Pop life with BLACKPINK. Lisa (Lalisa Manoba) was born in Thailand and is fluent in English, Korean, and Thai. She joined YG Entertainment in 2010, when she was just 13 years old

After years of voice, music, and dance training, she entered the BLACKPINK K-pop group, where she achieved success. Like many K-pop idols, she put in a lot of effort and discipline to achieve success.

Lisa’s success was not only with Blackpink. In September 2021, she released her solo album and achieved great success with the songs “Lalisa” and “Money.” Especially the song “Money,” which became the most streamed song by a K-Pop female act on Spotify in 2023.

We hope Lisa reaches an agreement with YG Entertainment soon and that her fans will continue to enjoy her breathtaking dance performances.

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Image: (BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram Account)

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