24kumi Members

24kumi Members: Names, Age, Height, and Debut Date (2024)

HYBE, which brought the world’s most successful groups such as BTS, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN to the K-pop world, announced a new boy group in the past few months. 24kumi members are from Japan and will meet their fans in the very near future.

24kumi Members: Names, Age, Height, and Debut Date (2024)

On October 24, last year, HYBE announced the formation of a new group on a social media page. 24kumi, which had 6 members on the day it was first announced, added two more members in November and December, and has 8 members now.

The members of 24kumi are Yuju, Shin, Ruka, Gaku, Haku, Kyosuke, Kaiji, and Reo. We have collected the most important information about 24kumi for you in this article. Do not forget to watch the video at the end of this article! Here are the members of 24kumi:


Yuju was born in Saitama, Japan, a place that laid the foundation for his artistic journey. The curtains lifted on his presence in the K-pop scene when he was revealed as a member on December 24, 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in his career.

Yuju was born on December 20, 2002. He is the oldest member of 24kumi. Before stepping into the limelight with his current group, Yuju was part of the VOYZ BOY project from 2019 to November 30, 2021.


Born on October 15, 2003, under the zodiac sign of Libra, this Japanese gem carries an identity that transcends borders. As a Libra, Shin brings a harmonious energy to the group. His birthday places him under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the goat, symbolizing creativity and compassion.

Shin is a true dog lover, he proudly owns four furry companions, exemplifying his affection for these loyal friends. During downtime, Shin indulges in outings for shopping and games with fellow members, fostering bonds and creating shared memories. Making friends with Shin is as effortless as heading to the beach together, where sun, sand, and waves become the backdrop for cherished moments.


Ruka is 21 years old (2024). He was born in Miyazaki, Japan, on November 1, 2003. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

In his free time, Ruka, like any young man, likes to travel, shop and spend time with his friends. He is also a nature lover. As you can see from his admiration for nature, his favorite color is green.


Gaku was born in Nagano, Japan, on April 25, 2024.

When we look at Gaku’s hobbies, we realize that he is a person who likes to relax and enjoy himself. He is the kind of person who prefers to spend his time at home doing activities that fulfill his soul rather than going out. Sometimes he puts his headphones on, takes his favorite drink, coke, and his favorite food, Ramen, listen to music at home all day and plans for the future.

This precious stone, who likes to enjoy life, manages to steal the hearts of his fans with his beautiful eyes.


Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Haku, where favorite colors, culinary delights, and special skills blend seamlessly to create an enchanting harmony.

Haku’s favorite colours are Green, Brown, and Red. When it comes to comfort food, Haku’s heart belongs to Ramen, a savory delight that adds a flavorful note to his culinary repertoire. Washed down with Coca-Cola, a beverage of choice, his tastes reveal a delightful blend of both traditional and contemporary.


Kyosuke, born in Kanagawa, Japan, carries the harmonious energy of a Libra, while the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac augments his dynamic and confident spirit. With a blood type B and an MBTI type of ESFP, Kyosuke’s personality is characterized by enthusiasm and sociability.

October 24, 2023, marked the revelation of Kyosuke as a member, unveiling a talent that would soon capture the hearts of fans. His affectionate nickname, Kyo-chan (ます-ちゃん), adds a touch of familiarity and warmth to his persona.


Kaiji was born on April, 2006. He is 18 years old. Hokkaido, Japan, is the birthplace of Kaij.

Kaiji describes himself as a loyal, docile, and easy-going person. The tranquil landscapes of Hokkaido might well have influenced the calmness he brings to his endeavors.

Like many of his friends, Kaiji enjoys shopping, traveling and spending time with friends.


Reo is the youngest member of 24kumi. He was born on July 9, 2007.

Born under the sign of Cancer and in the year of the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac, Reo brings forth a tidal wave of emotions, nurturance, and artistic flair that aligns with his cosmic counterparts.

With a broad palette, Reo’s favorite food encompasses everything, a testament to an open-minded and adventurous culinary spirit. Physical Education class emerges as Reo’s favorite school subject, echoing a love for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Among his favorite possessions are food, a cozy hoodie, and a bear key ring, each item holding sentimental value and adding a personal touch to his everyday life. Reo finds solace and inspiration on the rooftop near the practice room, a sanctuary that fuels creativity and provides a panoramic view of aspirations.

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